What makes Acqua Di Gio cologne so desirable by men?

Acqua Di Gio

What exactly is it that makes the Acqua Di Gio Cologne so desirable by men? Oh, there are several reasons, I assure you. For a cologne to be loved by men, it doesn’t just have to smell good, although that is a huge factor. When men buy cologne, there are several things they look at. They also like making sure to ask what others think of the cologne, for obvious reasons.

The smell

First of all, yes; it smells fantastic. The Acqua Di Gio is described to have an aromatic smell of fresh bergamot, neroli and tangerine. It’s an exciting blend of fresh and masculine smells, bringing a sense of breeze and sea. It truly gives the man wearing it a natural and authentic style, at least when it comes to how he smells. It’s the most important thing of them all. A man wouldn’t wear a cologne just because people thought it smelled nice. It has to be the right smell for him. He has to like it. And for the most part, men like the smell of the Acqua di Gio cologne.

What do others think?

The second biggest factor when it comes to why the Acqua Di Gio is so desirable by men is what others think of it. After all, most of the time, you don’t smell your own cologne. Others do. Whether he’s into women or men, their opinion does matter. And, luckily for those men who love the smell of the Acqua Di Gio, most women, and probably most men, love the smell. Women love the cologne so much it was announced to be the best fragrance for men in 2010, by the magazine Women’s health. A win-win for sure.

Not That Expensive

The price. The Acqua Di Gio cologne isn’t super cheap, but it’s not super expensive either. If you compare it to other men’s colognes out there, it doesn’t seem expensive at all. Men usually use a lot of cologne, and one can quickly run out. That’s why the price is so great. Combined with the fact that it smells fantastic, the price truly is a huge plus.

aqua di gio cologne for men

aqua di gio cologne for men

Luxury is not a crime

Luxury. Even though men often don’t admit it, most of them likes having luxuries things. The Acqua Di Gio is truly luxuries. The bottle design is beautiful. The fact that it so, makes it fantastic to put the cologne on. Some won’t stop putting it on, because they look so good doing it. Combining the luxuries look and feel with the not-so-very high price, it’s a fantastic cologne, that truly deserves the love men is giving it.

The bottles

It has already been mentioned that the bottles look beautiful. They both look and feel very luxuries, and it’s no illusion. But not all men use tons of cologne. Some may one use such a cologne as this under special occasions. That’s why the bottles are so great. There are different sizes! You could get a 30ml bottle, or maybe a 50ml bottle, all depending on how much you think you’re going use. Although, We do advice you to buy the biggest one you can afford, because you will start using cologne more often when you begin using the right one.