Nautica Voyage Cologne for Men – Honest Review

nautica voyage

nautica voyage

Imagine the beauty of staying beside the sea, leave alone its beauty but the cool breeze that is freshening. It is just priceless! The Nautica cologne for men resembles this cool breeze. The scent is a blend of aquatic, woody and fruity fragrance.

Nautica is a leading American apparel company which was founded in 1983 by David Chu. It has dominated the market against tough competition in producing one of the best men, women and children accessories. For all the years, this company has been known for the elegance, class and great performance of its products.  For more nautica colognes visit


Among the products this company produces, are perfumes and colognes. One of the best cologne under this review is the Nautica Voyage Cologne for men. The product is specifically designed for men since it has been incorporated with super ingredients to make the man’s scent more romantic.

The Nautica Voyage Cologne for men has its own different varieties which vary in scent and price. They include:- Nautica Voyage Island Cologne, Nautica Voyage Ocean Cologne, Nautica Voyage Sunset Cologne, Nautica Voyage Summer Cologne, Nautica Voyage sport cologne and Nautica voyage N83 cologne. This offers men a variety to choose from based on individual preferences on the type of scent.


  • Green leaf
  • Amber
  • Moss
  • Musks
  • Cedar wood
  • Water Lotus
  • Sail Cloth Accord
  • Drenched Mimosa
  • Apple

The Nautica Voyage cologne rejuvenates your masculine look and instincts. Its ingredients power your day by reducing your stress levels, making you all fresh and improving your overall body confidence making you elated all day. It is good especially after workouts, jogging or for those who sweat extra than normal and lastly, after bathing in the morning. It lights up your day.


– The product weighs 96 grams.

– Dimensions 2 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches

– It’s portable since it has a small size and light weight.

– The different Nautica Voyage cologne for men are not that pricey but worth it. They range from $16 to $60.


  1. The cologne has a great unique scent possessing both the aquatic and floral fragrance.
  2. The cologne has a great silage.
  3. Once you wear the Nautica voyage cologne you attract or win many compliments.
  4. Has a fresh and sensual fragrance.
  5. The cologne possesses great blends of aquatic, fruity and woody smell which is a creative blend.
  6. The cologne is original perfect for daily use.
  7. Nautica posses a great bottle design which is symbolic of the aquatic theme of the cologne.
  8. The scent is not overwhelming making it perfect for daily use or wearing it for any function.
  9. The cologne is long lasting making you feel confident for long since the smell refreshes you for a long time approximately 7 hours a day.
  10. The voyage cologne has a distinct unique masculine scent.
  11. The cologne is affordable.


  1. When won in excess its likely to cause a headache and nausea.
  2. The cologne is not good for the cold season.


The Nautica Voyage Cologne for men should be used only on the external surfaces of the human body. It shouldn’t come in contact with the eyes. Secondly, the product is flammable hence keep away from hot surfaces and direct flame. Do not apply the product on broken skin, damaged skin or inflamed skin. Lastly, keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.